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Alfresco blinds
Alfresco blinds are not only functional, but add beauty and interest to your alfresco living space. They protect your living area from harsh seasonal elements, while allowing you to enjoy outdoor dining and entertaining in any season.
During cold seasons, keep them down to retain the warm air within and keep cold air out. Easily raise your blinds to enjoy the fresh air during warmer months.

By-fold Doors
Installing By-fold doors will not only beautify your alfresco area, but also significantly increase the value of your home. By-fold doors lessen outdoor noise, deter intruders and animals, as well as dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs. With a beautiful alfresco enclosure by fusion, you'll feel secure knowing your outdoor oasis will be just as you left it.

Down Lights
Enhance the ambiance of your alfresco area by installing Down-lights. Natural lighting is simulated with its downward beam of light adding a sophisticated, yet welcoming feel to your space. A row of down-lights along a wall can transform even the most simple wall into a point of visual interest. They can even be used to draw attention to specific items in your room, such as a statue, fountain or dining area.

Outdoor Furniture
Though very beautiful, your alfresco space is just a structure until you add furnishings and decorative elements.
Fusion offers an impressive selection of furniture and accessories in styles ranging from classic to contemporary.
Adding a fire pit, fountain or other feature will quickly turn your alfresco area into everyone's favorite room.

Transform your alfresco space into a complete entertainment area. Whether entertaining friends or just day-to-day alfresco living, the addition of outdoor audio will create the mood for any occasion. It's easy to host your own concert or movie night under the stars. Fusion Outdoor Living provides high-quality audio solutions you'll enjoy for years to come.

Outdoor Furniture

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